The idea of library internals has always been intimidating to me. Most people being an app developer prefer to assume the library as a black box. How do people code it, test it or release it? You are in for a treat as in my series of articles I will take you on a journey of creating, running and publishing an actual working library. Yes, we won’t be doing some “Hello World” stuff. We will create a real Android Library through which can make API requests and get the result. It will be 2 part series:

  1. All about the creation…

In Part 1, of this series of article, I discussed how to create a library module. We created a Simple Networking Library naming our module simple-networking. We accomplished it!

Now is a good time to use our library module in a demo/test app. This article is all about how to publish a Library in your Machine (locally), and I’m using the Library developed in Part 1 as the reference. Here we will discuss, how to locally publish our module.

If you have skipped over Part 1 and only want to learn how to locally publish then you can use…

Ashish Yadav

Android App and Library dev.

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